Plan Of Activites 2023

Plan of Activities for the Year 2023

S.NOActivityDetails AttachedDate Of CommencementDate of Accomplishment

Intended Goals (Details Attached)
1Railway Line link from Karachi to Gaddani.Carried Forwarded. To continue efforts till achieving the intended goal30-12-26400,000/-A reliable mode of transport and Logistics 
Setting up of Hub special economic zone at Hub.
Carried Forwarded. To continue efforts till achieving the intended goal.30-12-25300,000/-Industrial growth and prosperity of the people of the region 
3Setting up seafood city at DHAM.Carried Forwarded. To continue efforts till achieving the intended goal.31-12-26100,000/-Opening new opportunities in the field of fisheries and opening the opportunities for the export of seafood 
4Setting up of date city at Hub.Carried Forwarded. To continue efforts till achieving the intended goal350,000/-Opening the sales opportunities for local produce in the local and international markets. 
5Building of dual carriageway of northern bypass by NHA.Carried Forwarded. To continue efforts till achieving the intended goal31-12-2025150,000/-Ease of commutation for public and commercial transport
6Environmental issues and setting up sewerage Water Treatment Plant at HUB01-6-2023On- going250,000/-Compliance with Environmental laws in the industries. 
7Setting up of solid waste management facility at hub;Carried forwardSame as above.
Meeting of Managers and executive officers of the members.
01-1-2023On-going350,000/-To discuss and resolve the industry’s issues and provide guidance and support where required.
9Resolving the water crises at Hub and Gaddani;01-04-202331-12-232000,000/-Assuring adequate sustainable supply of water to industries and people of the area.
10Pre-Budget Proposals and post Budget feedback of the Business & Industrial Sector01-04-202301-07-2023NILTo collect the view of the industrial and business community and forward it to the government for the financial bill.
11Liaison with Law Enforcing Agencies.01-1-2023On-Going10,000,000/-For all the year security of the area, creating a peaceful environment for business activity.
12New Labor Laws. Carried Forwarded. To continue efforts till achieving the intended goal030-06-20233500,000/-To modify the labor Laws making the  industry as well as employees friendly laws 
13Coordination of industries with light engineering upgradation center, (LEUC) hub.01-1-2023On-going100,000/-To bridge between Academia and industry for the education of students accordingly and to absorb them in the industry.
14Operating COVID-19 Vaccination Centre at LCCI Office.Carried Forwarded. To continue efforts till it is required.Continue:500,000/-Protecting people against the virus, reduce its spread.
15 Construction of the Hub River Bridge01-01-2331-12-24LCCI would aggressively pursue an early start of work for the construction of the Hub River Bridge which collapsed during last year’s rains and flood.

*It may kindly be noted that many of the activities may take more time to complete. 

Anjum R Khan

Secretary General 

Plan of Activities  

Lasbela Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

For 2023


Lasbela District serves as the principal Gateway to the country’s largest province and Port of Gawadar. Proximity to the port city of Karachi, the hub of economic activities of the country, distinguish Lasbela in the whole province of Balochistan. 

This is LCCI’s aim to ensure a peaceful working environment for industries that are operational and for developing the infrastructure to invite industrial, agricultural and commercial investment in the District, by way of working with LIEDA under the conception of public/private partnership in the following long and short-term activities:

There are 250+ industrial units in the district including seafood products, Power plants, Cement, Textile yarns and Fabrics, Glucose, Sugar, Confectionery, Food Products, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Ceramics, Paper, Packaging material, Engineering goods, Steel, Marble & Granite, etc. We see the addition of thousands of industries with the announcement of the new Special Economic Zone at Hub.

RCD highway, Northern Bypass, and Coastal Highway connect the region with the rest of the country. The infrastructure upgrading under CPEC projects would make it further important for attracting investments.


Work for Ease of Business, Facilitate the industries for the best working environment, help create employment opportunities, and improve the living standards of the people.  


To perform the role of creating a conducive environment to attract agricultural and industrial investment in Lasbela District.

To propose & pursue the ideas / proposals for working on the untapped natural resource of the province. Keep drawing the attention of the government to initiate projects for the industrial. Commercial and agricultural development of the province. 

To keep close liaison with Federal and Provincial Governments, Law enforcing authorities, LIEDA, District and City Governments for this purpose.

Creating awareness on national and international levels regarding Mineral resources of the province and the district. To pursue the industrialist for bringing modern techniques of mining and processing of minerals here for making value-added products rather than exporting the mineral in the shape of raw material only.  

To draw the attention of the government and attract investments for Sea Food Processing Date Processing, Wind and Solar power projects, mining, and exploration.

To facilitate the members in solving their problems regarding the interpretation of laws and procedures, provision of infrastructure facilities, and performing the coordination role of bridge between the Government and the private sector.


Railway Line link from Karachi to Gaddani

Brief Description and economic importance.Background: 
In August 2020 The Federal Government approved Rs. 10.5 Bn. (USD 66 Mn.) rehabilitation package for Karachi Circular Railway restoration. The good news for the Lasbela district is that in the west, this railway line would reach up to Hub. We find it the right time to take benefit of this plan and put our proposal to connect Gaddani as well with the Karachi thorough Railway track. For this purpose, we need to support this project and try to add Gaddani (maybe destinations ahead also afterward) to this track. A few benefits of this proposal would be as follows:
Connecting Hub and Giddani with the main railway track of the country would bring an economic revolution in this region. Presently, Hub & Giddani could only be approached through roads from Karachi and other parts of the country. If Hub & Gaddani are connected through a railway line, it would pay back in a short period. A few benefits would immediately start giving fruits like:The scrap generated through Ship Breaking which is transported to different destinations in the country by roads, would have a cost-effective reliable mode of transportation and would load their scrap directly from Giddani for any destination in Pakistan
It would provide easy and cost-effective transport to the companies to bring their raw material and forward finished goods produces here to their customers in the whole of Pakistan and to the Karachi Port for export to other countries.
The workforce, suppliers and visitors coming to Hub industrial area, Marble city and Gaddani, vender would use this cheaper, safe & reliable mode of transport daily basis. Railway link would remarkably reduce the traffic load specially the load of heavy Commercial traffic load on N-5, reducing traffic hazards, road accidents, traffic congestions and road deterioration due to heavy traffic and pollution. It would provide a safe, cost effective means of transport to the tourists and picnickers who come to Giddani every week. The number of picnickers and visitor could multiply thousand time having this connection.The arrival of visitors in such a high number would provide unlimited customers to the hotels. Shops. Gift shops, Local handicrafts and dresses, Marble Products, Fish and other seafood sellers, Baluchistan’s dates, and dry fruits. New shops and hotels would emerge very fast.  
Working involved.Preparation the proposal and forward it to Federal and Provincial Governments for their consideration. Contacting Pakistan Railway. 
Chamber’s support Under the directions of President LCCI, the Secretary-General would refresh and forward the proposal to the Prime Minister, Minister for Railway, Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, and other authorities to discuss and push the proposal. Chamber’s leadership would meet the authorities to bring the focus of the decision-makers toward this important proposal.
Financial implicationsPKR 400,000/- on traveling, for meetings, preparation of the proposal, postage, etc. 
Expected ResultAs stated above this project would bring prosperity to the region and would contribute towards ease of business. 


Brief Description and economic importance.LCCI was proposing Special Economic Zone in HITE since 2012. Since the year 2012, foreseeing the massive potential for local and foreign investment due to CPECThe Special Economic Zone would be a game changer it would bring direct and indirect employment and business opportunities to this district and to the province. Now it is all set to launch the SEZ commercially. LIEDA is the executing Authority for this project.LCCI is monitoring the progress and would put its effort to launch the project as soon as possible for the industrial boom for this area & the province. .
Working involved.Meetings with LIEDA, Ministry, other Federal and  Provincial authorities for a quick startup with the provision of all the required amenities so that the industries could start manufacturing operations in the SEZ in the minimum possible time.
Chamber’s support Chamber in close coordination with LIEDA would keep follow-up at various government levels for launching the project at the earliest. Chamber would pursue in the forums including the Board of Investment and Trade Balochistan and Balochistan Special Economic Zones and Industrial Estates Development & Management Company where Chamber represents in the boards of these forums. 
Financial implicationsTransportation charges and other expenses on meetings, presentations, and awareness sessions about the project, etc. may be estimated at Rs. 300,000/-.  
Expected ResultBenefits of essential supporting amenities to small, medium, and large-scale enterprises to grow and flourish in the global market place bringing all-around socio-economic prosperity to the Province of Balochistan. We expect that with the completion of this project, a large number of industries will be set up thus creating a large number of employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers.Revenue generation for National Exchequer would be multiplied.


Brief Description and economic importance.DHAM is a small town in Tehsil Sonmiani of Lasbela District having a small population of fishermen here is one fish processing unit and a prawn research center.There is great potential in the coastal area around this town to have a heavy quantity of quality fish.Provision of infrastructure facilities to establish a Sea Food City in this Town will create opportunities for investors to set up fish processing plants thus giving an incentive to local Fishermen to increase their capability to catch quality fish in the required quantity. In this way economic activities will increase thereby benefiting the local people. 
Working involved.Project is viable, subject to the availability of proper infrastructure. The SMEDA in collaboration with LIEDA and LCCI has prepared a concept paper and submitted it to the Government of Balochistan.The Government of Balochistan has assigned the work of setting up of Sea Food City to LIEDA at DHAM, Lasbela. Chamber would pursue and would follow up on the project 
Human Resource The Chamber’s office bearers would extend their support and cooperation to pursue the matter.Secretary General with the help of PRO to coordinate with LIEDA and the Government of Balochistan.
Financial implicationsTransportation charges and other expenses on this project may be estimated at Rs. 100,000/-.  
Expected ResultSetting up the Fish Processing Units Setting up the Fish and shrimp Farms.The local Fisherman would get modern fishing boats and trawlers and may incline towards using modern fishing techniques.It will help stop the use of illegal nets for fishing.It will contribute to increasing the membership of the Chamber.


Brief Description and economic importance.The annual production of dates in Pakistan is estimated at around 550,000 tons. It is the fifth largest dates producing country in the world.Out of the total production of dates in Pakistan, about 200,000 tons are produced in Balochistan.Only 86,000 tons are exported and the rest is either consumed or perished due to the absence of proper processing facilities.After proper processing, the exports may be enhanced by $200 million. In this way, economic activities will increase thereby benefiting the local people. 
Working involved.Prepared the concept paper for setting up of Date City at Hub and presented it to the Government of Balochistan for further processing. Visits to Turbat, Khuzdar, and other date-producing areas to have meetings with the growers to find the viability of the project. Chamber would table this proposal at various forums including the Board of Investment and Trade Balochistan to get the approval  at the government level to take up this beneficial project at a fast pace
Human Resource The Chamber’s office bearers, including the representative at BOI Balochistan would extend their support and cooperation to pursue the matter.Secretary General with the help of PRO to coordinate with the Government of Balochistan.
Financial implicationsTransportation charges and other expenses on this project may be estimated at Rs. 350,000/-.  
Expected ResultSetting up Date Processing Units.Will help to promote and develop well-organized date cultivation and date processing industry.Will help the enhancement of entrepreneurship in the local growers.Will provide direct and indirect employment of thousands of skilled and unskilled workers.Will help to increase the export date manifolds with competitive prices thus earning a huge amount of foreign exchange. It will contribute to increasing the membership of the Chamber.


Brief Description and economic importance.On request by the Chamber in 2004, the NHA completed the Northern Bye Pass to link Karachi and Hub and onwards to Gawader and Quetta through RCD Highway. Due to its being a single carriageway, however, many fatal accidents took place with the increase in traffic, and many such accidents are likely to occur.The Chamber, therefore, suggested making this Highway duel carriageway to cater to the requirements of increasing traffic flow.  
Working involvedRepresentations to the Sindh Provincial management of NHA at Karachi and Head Quarters at Islamabad have been forwarded explaining the importance of the Project.Meetings have also been held with the Project Director of KNBP of NHA to suggest the project and to take short-term measures to avoid accidents.NHA, in principle agreed to the proposal and they have completed their homework. Government has approved Project e and with the allocation of funds, the same may be executed.
Human ResourceThe Chamber’s office bearers and if needed the Chamber’s delegation will keep continuous liaison with NHA to start the project and complete the same in time.
Financial implicationsEstimated Transportation Charges and other expenses of the delegation during the stay in Islamabad Rs.100,000/-
Expected ResultsThe work on a project of building a duel carriageway at Northern Bye Pass may be started soon after the allocation of funds by the Government. This would facilitate the safe moment of heavy and light traffic coming from Sindh and going from Balochistan.May ultimately cater to the increasing traffic between Karachi and Hub and onward to Sonmiani and Gawadar Ports due to CEPC.May provide an incentive for industrial and commercial investment in Lasbela District.

Environmental issues and setting up sewerage Water Treatment Plant at HUB

Brief Description and economic importance.In order to get immunity from Environmental issues and to facilitate the exports of the products manufactured in Lasbela, it has been planned to set up a Sewerage Water Treatment plant.The initial survey has been made in the year 2006.In response to the request of the Chamber, the Ministry of Climate Change, the Government of Pakistan, and EPA Balochistan would arrange the funds for this project from international donors, provided the compliance of environmental laws by the industries at Hub. 
Working involvedInitial survey revealed that the sewerage system of Hub Industrial area and Hub City has to be renovated.On the suggestion of the Chamber, LIEDA has started the renovation work on the sewerage system in the Industrial area. The Chamber has also advised its members to get the compliance with the environmental laws with the coordination of EPA, Balochistan. For this purpose, the Chamber has facilitated the members with respect to the provision of services of competent consultants and the fixation of a professional fee at a reasonable level. However, this is a continuous process and the members are following with the help of the Chamber and the consultants arranged by the Chamber on reasonable terms.The Chamber’s role is to coordinate with consultants, LIEDA, Federal, Provincial and Local Government and to properly accomplish the work.To arrange meet and presentations to get close coordination amongst all stakeholders. 

Human Resource

The Office bearers, the Chairman LCCI Environment sub-committee, Secretary General, and the staff will be involved in the work. 
Financial implicationsThe estimated cost of arranging meetings and preparing presentations of the Project, visits of the Chamber’s delegation to EPA Balochistan, Quetta, members’ meetings to create, awareness about the law, etc. Rs.500, 000/-.
Expected ResultChamber’s efforts resulted in compliance by more than 100 industries. Either these units have been given NOCs by EPA Balochistan or their approvals are in process.
Chamber’s work is ongoing to keep the companies complained and to meet the National standards of Environment control at all times. 
It will also provide an incentive for further investment thus increasing the strength of the Chamber as well.


Brief Description and economic importance.In order to get immunity from Environmental issues and to facilitate the exports of the products manufactured in Lasbela, it has been planned to set up a Solid Waste Management Facility at Hub with the help of the Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Pakistan.On the request of the Chamber, the Ministry of Climate Change would help to arrange the setting up of this facility at Hub that may cater to the needs of both industries and the shipbreaking yard at Gaddnai. UNDP-Switzerland-based Consultants with the help of the Ministry of Climate Change and the Chamber have prepared the survey report and the project proposal. The Project has been designed at a cost of US$ 30 million.With help of EPA Balochistan and the Balochistan Development Authority, LIEDA has allocated land for this purpose.With the help of the Federal and Provincial Governments, the facility may be set up with funding from international donors including UNDP for which two donor conferences have made arranged by the Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Pakistan.
Working involvedThe Chamber’s Consultant M/s. Global Environmental Management Services (GEMS) have arranged the initial survey by the experts from the Consultants of UNDP on this issue.The data regarding the type and quantity of solid waste generated by the industries and ship-breaking yards has been collected and compiled enabling the Consultants for designing the facility. The Project has been designed and referred to the EPA Balochistan for further processing. Chamber’s role is to coordinate with consultants, LIEDA, and Federal, Provincial, and Local Governments.. 
Financial implicationsThe estimated cost of arranging meetings and preparing presentations of the Project, visits of the Chamber’s delegation to the Ministry of Climate Change, Islamabad, EPA Balochistan, Quetta, members’ meetings, etc. to create awareness about the issue will cost about: Rs.500,000/-.
Expected ResultOn persuasion of the Chamber, land has been allocated for this project. For funding. The EPA and BDA are working with the donor agencies. The setting up of the facility may result in getting international immunity from environmental issues.It may also serve as an incentive for further investment in the region.

Resolving the water Crises at Hub and Gaddani.

Brief Description and economic importance.For the last many years Hub City and Gaddani are suffering from a shortage of water from the Huh Dam. Recent rains have topped up the Hub dam but ware is not available to the industry and the people of the area as per requirement.Due to this scarcity of water both the public and industries are compelled to purchase water from the water tankers by spending huge amounts of rupees, thus leaving the extra burden on the poor people of Hub. This extra expense on water also badly affects the cost of production of the industries.In order to resolve this problem the LCCI suggested increasing the share of water from Hub Dam for this area because the distribution formula was agreed upon in 1981 when the population of this City was only few thousand. Now it has increased many folds and the consumption has increased with the same ratio.The Chamber also suggested laying an exclusive pipeline from Hub Dam to the LIEDA reservoir in order to save water from seepage and evaporation losses.It was also suggested to set up a water desalination plant at Gaddani. 
Working involvedLCCI had filed a petition in the High Court of Balochistan for the increase in water share for Balochistan from Hub Dam. The Honorable High Court of Balochistan advised both the Governments of Sindh and Balochistan to resolve this issue amicably. LCCI is suggesting laying an exclusive pipeline from Hub Dam to LIEDA reservoir and setting up of seawater desalination plant at Gaddani, as an alternate source.For this purpose, the Government of Balochistan has to be pursued to take the initiative for this project.. 

Human Resource,

The Office Bearers, Secretary-General, and the staff will be involved in the work, by way of having representations and meetings with the Chief Minister and concerned ministers of Balochistan. 
Financial implicationsThe estimated cost of arranging meetings and preparing presentations of the Project, visits of the Chamber’s delegation to the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, concerned Ministers, and other relevant departments at Quetta to pursue the matter will cost about: Rs.500,000/-.
Expected ResultEnsuring the availability of an increased volume of water from Hub Dam to the public and industries of Hub and Gaddani.Ensuring the availability of alternative sources of water for this area.It may also be supportive to attract further investment in the region.


Meeting with the Manages and Executive officers of the members.

Brief Description and economic importance.

The Chamber organizes meetings of Managers, Executives with the representatives of the authorities. This facilitates for better understanding of rules, briefing of changes if any, and resolving the issues and problems of the industry
Government agencies like EOBI, BESSI, LIEDA, Labor, City Government, Police, etc. in the month of February/March every year. 
Working involvedChamber would invite the member to attend the meetings. The President will invite the City Administrator, DPO, DCO, and Government Officers of various agencies posted in Lasbela District to attend the meeting.Chamber would invite government officials from different departments who would update the members on any change in the rules and regulations.Managers and Officers would have the opportunity to put their quarries for the understanding of laws and rules from the concerned Government functionaries, present on the occasion.
Human ResourcePresident will invite the Members, DCO, DPO, Chairman, Union Council, Hub, and Government Officers posted in Lasbela District.The Secretary-General would contact the member to compile the problems, issues, and quarries from the members and prepare a draft working paper to provide a basis for discussion.The PRO will supervise the question/answer session and make the required arrangement.The PRO will invite the Press.
Financial implicationsThe estimated cost of every meeting is Rs.200, 000/-, which may be met from the chamber’s income from members’ subscriptions and charges for other services.
Expected ResultDevelopment of good working relations between the members and the Government functionaries under the auspices of the Chamber.The members may update themselves with the latest legal amendments if any, and their implications.

Pre-Budget Proposals and post Budget feedback of the Business & Industrial Sector.

Brief Description and economic importance.Every year, before the announcement of the Federal Budget, Chamber start gathering the Budget proposal from the members to forward them to the Ministry of Finance to include in the Finance bill.On the announcement of the Federal Budget, the members are invited to inform the Chamber about any discrepancies in the levies of direct and indirect taxes.Chamber would organize a post-budget seminar with the collaboration of the Inland Revenue Commissionerate at Hub and Customs Collectorate, in which the speakers explain the changes in Income Tax, Sales Tax, and Customs Laws announced in the Budget and the implications on the business. Alternatively, if the situation doesn’t allow a meeting, the feedback of the members would be obtained through the mail and would be forwarded to the Govt.The Chamber would organize this Seminar in the second half of every year.
Working involvedThe Commissionerate of Inland Revenue, Hub, and Quetta and the Customs Collectorate at Hub and Quetta will be approached to collaborate with the Chamber by way of providing competent speakers on various issues.The date and program of the seminar will be finalized in consultation with the above offices.The Commissioner, Inland Revenue, Quetta, and Collector of Customs MCC, Quetta will be invited as Chief Guest.  The members would be invited to attend the seminar. 
Human ResourceThe Secretary-General will approach the Commissioner of Inland Revenue at Hub and Quetta to chalk out the program.The PRO and other staff will invite the members to participate in the seminar and will make seminar arrangements.
Financial implicationsThe estimated cost of dissemination of information and arrangements in every seminar: is Rs. 300,000/-, which may be met from the chamber’s income from members’ subscriptions and charges for other services.
Expected ResultMembers would be updated on taxation laws and the change in them.The members may forward and discuss the proposals for the improvement of the system.


Brief Description and economic importance.Consequent to the 18th Constitutional amendment, many departments including the labor department moved to the provincial domain. Chamber has hosted and participated in a series of tripartite meetings to prepare draft labor laws for the province. This work was done since the year 2015. The employers’ recommendations on various sections in the draft labor laws were finalized and presented to the Government of Balochistan for their consideration through Tripartite Consultative Committee in which the employer’s recommendations were included. 
The bill presented and passed by the Provincial Assembly was however found to be different from the agreed recommendations. Chamber would review and pursue amendments/ Corrections to bring the law back to the recommendation of the Provincial Tripartite Consultative Committee. 
Working involvedContact the respective Ministry, Director General, Labor Welfare, and stakeholders to resolve the issue. Legal assistance would be sought in the right direction toward resolving the issue. 
Financial implicationsThe estimated cost of dissemination of information, visits & meetings would be about Rs. 500,000/-, which may be met from the chamber’s income from members’ subscriptions and charges for other services. 
Expected ResultThe concerned officers of the members would have the chance to participate in the work of finalization of labor laws and procedures by the current requirements in the context of the 18th Constitutional Amendment.It is expected that because of these efforts, Labor Laws would be so formulated which may ensure the safeguarding of the interests of both employers and workers resulting in smooth production activities as well promotion of industrial investment in the province of Balochistan. 

Liaison with Law Enforcing Agencies.

Brief Description and economic importance.Peaceful business environment is necessary for the smooth running of business activity.  It is inevitable to have very close coordination with Law enforcement agencies of the district and the province. Chamber would continue its cooperation with Lasbela District Police Department, High Police Officials, and other law enforcement agencies in the region.Meetings would be conducted with officials of Police, FC, and district management for developing a close coordination network for a peaceful environment in the area.
Working involvedThe IG/PPO or DIG/RPO, DPO and their officers including the SHOs of concerned Police Stations would be invited
Human ResourceGuest would be invited by the President and by the Secretary-General on the instructions and guidance of the President at a suitable date. Deputy Secretary/ PRO would make arrangements and media coverage. 
Financial implicationsThe estimated cost of these meetings is Rs. 300,000/-, which may be met from the chamber’s income from members’ subscriptions and charges for other services.
Expected ResultGood connections with the Police and other agencies would help to maintain a peaceful business-friendly atmosphere. 

Coordination of industries with Light Engineering Upgradation Centre, (LEUC) Hub.

Brief Description and economic importance.Light Engineering Upgradation Centre was an initiative of LCCI. Work on this center was started in the year 2009 by the Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company (TUSDEC), Ministry of Production, Government of Pakistan. It is operational since 2017.  .The services the LEUC provides, include the repairing of machines and equipment, measurement, hardness testing, plastic molding works, and the making of machinery parts and related works. And, Train capable local youths and on-the-job training for the industry workers.Initially government supported the Centre financially. Eventually, the Centre has to be self-sufficient concerning revenue generation and meeting its expenses. The Project is valuable for industries that can save their money and time rendered to repair their equipment repaired as well as to conduct various tests. They may avail the facility of enhancing the capacity of their workers through on-the-job training at the center. Local technical human resources are being developed.
Working involvedPresident and Chairmen of LCCI, Labor, infrastructure, industries and human resources sub-committees of the Chamber would continue to create awareness of the facilities at LEUC, that industries could be benefited at the maximum. The Secretary General attends the board meetings of the Centre. Three members of the Chamber are also on the Institute Management Committee. 
Human ResourceThe Office Bearers and Chairman of LCCI, Labor, infrastructure, industries and human resources sub-committees of the Chamber will provide the guidelines to run the affair of the Centre.The Secretary-General and staff will arrange the meetings of industries with LEUC management.The PRO will arrange the logistics for the meetings and presentations.
Financial implicationsThe estimated cost of each meeting with the Diplomats is estimated to be Rs. 50,000/-, which may be met from the chamber’s income from members’ subscriptions and charges for other services.
Expected ResultEnsuring satisfactory technical services to the industries at a reasonable cost within the agreed time limit. Ensuring the availability of trained workers in accordance with the requirement of industries. Ensuring to create confidence amongst the local youths with respect to capability and economic empowerment thus creating a healthy social environment.

COVID-19 Vaccination Centre 

Brief Description and economic importance.COVID-19 vaccination center established last year would remain to continue till it is required. 
Working involvedProvision of Air-conditioned hall, Computer & logistics 
Human ResourceSecretary General monitors the whole activity and ensures registration of the vaccinated. LCCI schedule the activity and make a timetable for factories to send the staff on their turn, so that the center may not be overcrowded. Another resource was provided to record the data of vaccinated persons to post in the NADRA portal.    
Financial implicationsRs.70000/- per month. (Electricity, Wages for resources, transportation)
Expected ResultProtection against the virus, reducing the spread of the virus. 
ResultThis center has vaccinated 15,000 staff, workers, and general people to protect them from the Virus. LCCI was successful to provide this service to member companies and the general public to be vaccinated in a comfortable environment consuming minimum time. 
Construction of Hub River BridgeAfter colossal Damages and the collapse of Hub River Bride, the logistics between Karachi and Hub were badly affected. LCCI has to pursue it for the benefit of industries and the general public.
Working involvedFollowing up with the Provincial Government, NHA, and district management for early start and completion of construction 
Human ResourceSecretary-General would coordinate and arrange meetings with authorities.
Financial implicationsRs.200, 000.
Expected ResultRestoring the smooth logistics and commutation to and from Hub. 

Efforts for the Construction of a new Bridge at Hub River, making the alternate routes useable for traffic between Karachi and Hub and beyond.

Brief Description and economic importance.Restoration of surface access to Lasbela and beyond from Karachi, after the colossal damages to the Hub river bridge and other approaching roads.
Working involvedPursuing with the provincial government, National Highway Authority, and local administration for the Construction of a new bridge on the Hub River, repairing and making useable the alternative routes, construction of a causeway on the Hub River pending the completion of Hub Bridge construction. 
Human ResourcePresident, The Secretary-General, and the Deputy Secretary 
Financial implicationsRs.50, 000/- for meetings and traveling. 
Expected ResultRestoration of the traffic flow between Karachi and Lasbela (and beyond) to ensure the restoration of normal industrial activity and normal life of the people of the district and f the province. 
ResultMeetings were conducted with NHA. Sites were visited with them. LCCI coordinated in planning and scheduling the traffic flow of light and heavy vehicles. Members came forward and the bridge at SAKRAN was repaired and made able to use by our member industry. LIEDA ‘s resources were activated to clean and clear the Industrial estate and adjoining area from flood water and mud to restore traffic in LIEDA. As a result of consistent perusal and follow-up at high levels, a Tender was awarded for the construction of new bridge at The Hub River, the work would start shortly.

(Anjum R. Khan)

Secretary General